Methods and materials

We鈥檙e committed to excellence in teaching methods and providing the very best learning environments and materials for you. This means you鈥檒l learn from leading teachers who are experts in their field.

You’ll develop skills and gain experience that will be fundamental to your future career. We use a wide variety of teaching techniques, from traditional laboratory-based work, lectures and seminars to flexible learning.

New ways of learning

At university the way you learn may be different from at school or college. How you are taught will largely depend on your course content, level of study and your academic tutor – but, however you are taught, you will be required to undertake a large proportion of your study independently.

A stronger emphasis is placed on teaching you to apply information. This might mean being asked to answer questions where there’s no right or wrong answer, but scope for opinion and debate.

You will be encouraged to read widely, question and analyse what you have read, and openly discuss your ideas in seminars and tutorials. The main teaching and learning methods at Manchester are:

The main assessment methods are:

Student collaboration

Our Institute of Teaching and Learning has been established to support teaching quality and embed innovative methods of delivery, as we embrace new, experimental ideas.

The student voice will play a pivotal role in the way we teach.

Rewarding excellence

We recognise and reward excellent student performance. A range of prizes and bursaries, including the Manchester Medal, are presented each year to the best students.

Our unique is an employability award designed to support your career and personal development, and provides an opportunity to take part in a range of fantastic extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

When you graduate we’ll provide you with a comprehensive higher education record of achievement covering your entire course. Your record will identify and detail transferable life skills as well as your academic grades, to help you demonstrate the value of your learning experience to future employers.

Our will be available throughout your time here, offering support and advice to prepare you for your future.