Privacy notices

The 91视频 is required to inform people about the ways in which we use their personal information.

We need to tell you about the types of personal information we collect, the purposes we use it for, the legal reasons contained in the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018 which allows us to use it in these ways, how long we retain the information for and how you can exercise your rights.

The following privacy notices provide this information for each of the groups of individuals identified. Please note that in addition to these notices you may on occasion be provided with additional privacy information where we need to tell you about something not covered by one of these notices.

University website

The 91视频 is committed to looking after any information that is made available to us when you visit our websites in accordance with data protection law.

Registered students

The 91视频 needs to collect, maintain and use personal data relating to students to allow us to process their application for study, register them as a student, to administer their course and to provide facilities during their time as a student. We will also use this data to keep in touch with students after graduation, and to contact them to complete a graduate outcomes survey.

  •  (PDF, 464KB)
  •  (PDF, 76KB)

COVID-19 enquiries helpline and live chat

Find out more about how we use personal information in connection with the student and supporter COVID-19 enquiries helpline and live chat service. 

  • (PDF, 436KB).

University staff

Find out more about how we use personal information relating to current or former employees, workers, consultants, officers, contractors, volunteers, interns, casual workers, agency workers, apprentices, affiliated lecturers or academic visitors at The 91视频.  

  • (Word document, 94KB)
  •  (PDF, 76KB)

Enquirers, applicants and offer-holders

Find out more about the use of personal information when you make enquiries about studying at The 91视频 (including by registering to attend our open days), make an application and if you go on to become an offer holder. 

Alumni, donors and current and potential supporters

Our alumni and supporters are extremely important to us, and this Privacy Notice explains how The 91视频’s Division of Development and Alumni Relations (DDAR) collects, stores, manages and protects your data. 

Widening participation

Find out how we use personal information relating to participants (or prospective participants) on pre-university events and initiatives.

  • (PDF document, 110KB)

Research participants

The 91视频 conducts research to the highest standards of research integrity within a research culture that values knowledge-creation for its own sake; for the potential benefits it promises humankind; and for the ways it enriches higher learning. We promise to respect the confidentiality and sensitivity of the personal information that you, as a participant in our research, provide to us; that we get from other organisations; and that we share with other collaborating organisations, such as other universities or our research funders.  

  • (PDF document, 156KB)

Collaborators and partners

Find out more about the use of personal information relating to those who provide details to The 91视频 as part of a research collaboration or another partnership related to research or professional services work.

  •  (PDF 496KB)